Silence the noise and achieve your desired lifestyle

Learn how to achieve your desired lifestyle even if you don’t have time

Today’s world seems busier than ever yet the level of mental health issues are increasing everywhere we look. It does beg the question,”What are we busy doing?”.

Busy getting the kids sorted?
Busy getting studies and work tasks completed?
Busy attending to other people’s needs?
Busy helping others fulfil their dreams and aspirations?
Busy making others happy?

You can spend so much time avoiding conflict and pleasing others that by the time you get to looking at what you want or need in your life, you’re too tired.

Puaki can help you focus back on what is important to you and make an action plan for you to get back to what is important...


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Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Karanga Mai and Welcome

  2. 2
    • Whakapapa - The foundations of Puaki

    • Puaki Whakapapa

    • Aronga (Print)

    • Aronga _

    • Te Ao Mārama

  3. 3
  4. 4
    • Do you know where you are standing?

    • Get it out of your head

    • Strengths and passions

    • The real picture

  5. 5
    • Plan for success

    • It may take some effort

    • Te ara ki tōku kaupapa - 1

    • Te ara ki tōku kaupapa - 2

    • Who and what

    • Chunk it for success

  6. 6
    • Kōrero mai

Hoa Haere

Friend who will walk with you (instructor)

Hoa Haere - Facilitator

Paula Beilby

Okay so this kumara has a Bachelor of Commerce Double majored in Marketing and Management.

Spent many years in London on my OE and now a corporate refugee turned business owner finding purpose in my life by being a current trustee on both the Tuhua and Whakai station Trusts and a founding trustee and member of Kia Mau Charitable Trust and Te Whānau a Tapoi ō Tauranga Moana Incorporated Society.

I am an energy practitioner, L-plater yoga enthusiast and dedicated life long learner. Without question my best achievement to date - and my most challenging! - is being mum to three awesome tamariki in building a legacy as a positive role model for my children and wifey to Rob whose whakapapa links to Ngati Ranginui and Tainui.

Hoa Haere - Facilitator

Kiri Diamond

He uri nō Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Tūwharetoa me Ngāti Pakeha (English, German and Irish).

In Tauranga I owned and ran a wellness clinic offering rongoā Māori along side western complementary therapies and lifecoaching. I continued practicing and working with schools and whānau as I completed my Masters degree (Applied Community Psychology) and volunteered with sports and environmental groups.

I developed the Kara Whiu programme for a rumaki class that took the results to Australia. I also developed Puaki which I shared with students at both secondary and tertiary level.

Now living in the Waikato region I continue to be involved in supporting in the Bay of Plenty and sharing mātauranga with whānau in the Waikato.

“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid” Goethe (German whakapapa).